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  • High quality coffee table books featuring photographs shot on location while filming, are now available. The books have been printed in Singapore.
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  • The next book due for release, is the Dhow book. This coffee table book features the Dhows of the East African coast. It is a detailed look at the history and construction of these ancient vessels. A collection of beautiful, colourful images and interesting text.


This coffee table book comprises 112 pages featuring Ralph Stutchbury's photographs taken all over Southern Africa. The high quality images capture special moments in the lives of these charismatic giants. Anyone who has enjoyed the privilege of watching elephants in the wild will be enchanted by these images. The text provides interesting factual information about the Pachyderms and reminds us of the threat that hangs over their future. Available in Harare Bookshops or directly from Ralph.


PTA Book Review - "Elephant" by Ralph Stutchbury - Review by Michael Lorentz | A visual feast for Elephant lovers, this coffee table book comprises of 112 pages of high quality Elephant portraits taken from all over Southern Africa. The images document the lives of these charismatic giants and are annotated with short and insightful facts about their behaviour and characteristics. Apart from giving us an accurate and succinct glimpse into these magnificent creatures' daily lives, the information also serves to remind us of the constant threats that face the world's largest land mammal. Being inordinately fond of Elephants myself, I am sure that anyone who has enjoyed the privilege of observing these gentle giants in the wild will be enchanted by these photographs. For those that haven't yet had the opportunity to see these Pachyderms in their natural environment, this book will surely pull on your heartstrings and inspire you to visit Africa. I highly recommend the book, informative, aesthetically appealing and very well compiled! If you would like to purchase a copy of this book, please contact Ralph Stutchbury directly at mailto:eyesears@africaonline.co.zw.

Elephant News. USA Review - "Elephant" by Ralph Stutchbury - Review by Melissa Groo | Congratulations! What a beautiful book. The photographs are really something special. I love your user of light and shadow. And I am so glad you address so much the crisis that elephants are facing. How special that you were able to use photos of your father's as well.

The African Hunter magazine Review - "Elephant" by Ralph Stutchbury - Review by I.J. Larivers | This beautifully laid out pictorial stands as an elegant tribute to Loxodonta Africana - that great icon of the African bush... I have never come across a book that so captures the soul of a wild creature... Elephant is a one of a kind book that will give a great deal of enjoyment.


Baobab is 128 pages featuring the most magnificent and unusual examples of this icon of the African landscape. Photographs for the book have been taken all over Southern and Central Africa, from the arid salt-pans of Botswana's Makgadigadi to Namibia's Kaokoveld. The book provides a multi-faceted overview that is botanical, mythical, historical, cultural, ritual, and medicinal. It is also a jouney into some wonderful wilderness areas of Central and Southern Africa where these giant trees are found and where they are thought of as the home of spirits.

From the first reports by Victorian explorers, Europeans have been fascinated by the Baobab. Its extraordinary size and bizarre appearance can't help making an impression on anyone who travels in Africa. There are always questions about its age and size and its role in the ecology of the African bush. This book attempts to answer the obvious questions and show the tree in all its glory and in all the phases of its growth. It shows some of the most remarkable examples of the tree in the extremes of its range from deserts to waterfalls.


Safarias / Passage To Africa Book Review - "Baobab" by Ralph Stutchbury - Review by Michael Lorentz | The baobab is an extraordinary tree, so it makes sense to publish an extraordinary book about it, and Ralph Stutchbury does just that, capturing the majesty of these towering giants in his 128-page tribute. Perhaps one of the most memorable trees in Africa, the photographs in this book give you a good sense of how magnificently unique these trees are, showcasing the many different extremes of its range and form. From Southern to Central Africa, the baobab is rooted (seemingly upside down!) in tales of myth, history and culture, an iconic feature of the African Savanna. As one of the largest and oldest living things on Earth, the baobab sparks great fascination. Ralph addresses this fascination with pages of iconic imagery and snippets of informative text, answering some of the more frequently asked questions; exploring the different phases of its growth as well as the nature of its role in the ecology of the African bush.

An enriching book, certainly a must have for any library or coffee table.

If you would like to purchase a copy of this book, please contact Ralph Stutchbury directly at mailto:eyesears@africaonline.co.zw.


The Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique lies just north of the tropic of Capricorn on the east coast of Africa. All along the coast you will see the brightly-coloured patchwork sails of small dhows belonging to local fishermen. At low tide they rest on the sand, their vibrant hulls forming splashes of colour against the turquoise and aquamarine blue of the ocean.

Whilst this book outlines the history of the Dhow and the Mozambiquan islands, it also provides a glimpse of an exotic tropical paradise. A visual treat.


A 64 page booklet introducing the little known ancient Bushman art of South Eastern Zimbabwe. Part of an ongoing exercise by Malilangwe to document and record the paintings of Zimbabwe's first human inhabitants. Includes photographs of paintings that have only recently been discovered.

"It's been a great privilege to have been commissioned to photograph these paintings and to compile this booklet. It's a valuable record of images that are being lost to natural degradation." The book is only available from Singita Pamushana and Malilangwe Offices.


The Rock Art of Zimbabwe.

A high quality, up-to-date, illustrated book that will provide in-depth information about this socially and historically important subject. A book that will serve not only as a serious reference work for students but will also provide a photographic record of an ancient art that is slowly vanishing. The granite hills of Zimbabwe are a storehouse of ancient Rock Art. The extraordinary images found painted in caves and overhangs are the legacy of Southern Africa's first human inhabitants. The artists are no more but many of their paintings have survived intact for thousands of years - from stone-age times.

This book will provide a valuable record for generations to come. It can be enjoyed simply for the beauty of the images or for its historical and cultural significance.

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