Ralph Stutchbury | Equipment and Services

  • Wildlife filmmaker / cameraman.
  • Experienced DOP / camera operator with several feature film 2nd unit credits.
  • Documentary cameraman.
  • Commercials producer / director.
  • Ralph is available for all kinds of projects.
  • He has broad experience and has worked with directors and producers from all over the world.
  • If you are planning to shoot in Zimbabwe or anywhere in Southern Africa, contact Ralph on mailto:ralph@camera-africa.co.zw.
  • Ralph owns and operate a Canon XF300 HD video camera and the new SONY FS-5 4K camera.
  • The full package includes radio mic, Sennheiser 815 directional mic, Manfrotto tripods, 7" field monitor, small onboard LED light.
  • Redhead and 2Kw lighting kits.
  • Basic FCP 7 edit facility.
  • Grip gear: film crane with 4-metre rise. (6m with extension arm.) Seated camera operator type with optional 2nd seat for focus puller.
  • Simple Jib arm with 2-metre rise, can be mounted on dolly / track.
  • Heavy duty dolly with 20 metres of steel track. Simple flat bed.
  • 4x4 reflectors, Poly boards, Apple boxes, 12x12 scrim, 20x20 scrim.
  • NB. Grip gear must be accompanied by a qualified operator.
  • Wildlife location filming: Ralph has first-hand knowledge of many southern and central African national parks and wild places having filmed in these locations over the last twenty years.
  • Ralph has a Land Rover kitted out for field work including solar charging to meet camp and equipment needs.

Ralph Stutchbury | Television Commercials

  • Ralph has produced and filmed many of Zimbabwe's most memorable TV commercials. His "Eyes & Ears"
     production company has made dozens of advertising films since its inception in 1980 including:
  • Bata 'War dance' winner of Cannes silver lion award
  • Bata 'Footloose' & 'Backstage'
  • Ngwerewere sadza with the Rusike Brothers
  • Oli and the Vines (Olivine) with Oliver Mtukudzi
  • Chibuku 'Socks' (listening for the delivery truck)
  • Madison Whitewater rafting ' Hold onto your Madison'
  • Sun Jam (bicycle) 'Nhapi Tapi chete'
  • Flame Lily Holidays 'Sunrise in Zimbabwe'
  • Perfection Soap 'Masvikokota'
  • Protector Condoms, embarrassed young man in the store
  • Econet Roaming (Gokwe) 'Eco chii?'
  • Ecocash 'Shhhh...'

 Download the file below for Ralph Stutchbury's detailed Filmography:

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